July 14th, 2012 : Boryeong Mud Festival

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Mannam will go on a trip to the Boryeong Mud Festival this weekend.

If you wanna join this event, you’re so welcome! But the bus Mannam rented  has been filled, you can come by own way, and call us. Then you can meet us and enjoy that festival together, also can take lots of photos of there. 

Contact: Ryan 010-9599-5355

             Seolhee 010-3955-5356 

July 7, 2012- Forced perspective

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We’ll try “Forced perspective” photo this weekend.

Forced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. It is used primarily in photography, filmmaking and architecture. It manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the spectator or camera.

If you want to see some examples of this technique, follow this link.




*Time: 1:00~3:00pm

*Venue: Seoul Forest Park(Ttukseom st, line2)We’lll meet at in front of exit8.

Ryan(Leader):  010-9959-5355
Seolhee(Manager):  010-3955-5356

Photo Vocabulary V1.0

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SLR = Single Lens Reflex
(What you see in the viewfinder is reflected off a mirror. So what you see is the actual picture you will get.)

DSLR = Digital Single Lens Reflex

ISO = a measurement standard for the sensitivity of the film or sensor to light. The higher the number, the more sensitive it is.
(ISO100 gives a better photo but is not very sensitive, ISO1600 may have a lot of “grain” but it is very sensitive)

Aperture = the opening where light can pass into the camera and onto the film or sensor.

Shutter Speed = the length of time that the camera shutter is open (on Canon it is the “Time Value”)
(the shutter is sort of a metal door that opens and closes, allowing or blocking light from entering the camera)

Exposure = the amount of light you have allowed to enter the camera

Overexposed = too much light (your photo is very bright/white or “blown out” )

Underexposed = not enough light (your photo is very dark)

Basic Composition

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Several of my fellow photographers have recently discussed how unfair it is when people judge them based on their camera. And I agree. Here at Mannam Photography we believe it’s not the size of the camera that matters, but how you compose the shot. I often hear… “Oh, I can’t join you guys because I don’t have a DSLR.”

But that’s ok, because…

A great composition is what makes a great photo, not the camera.

The most important thing is making certain that the subject of your photo is clear and any distractions are tossed out or minimalized.

Check your background… is there a trashcan in your photo? A telephone pole that looks like it’s sticking out of your subject’s head? A water stain on the wall? Anything that might steal your viewers attention.

What’s your subject?
Is there anything that could distract from your subject?
Can you remove the distraction or change the angle of your photo to get rid of it?

In the following photo I liked the model’s pose and the circular brick work… but not the ugly stains.
In this case, I was able to move some trash that was on the ground, move the model’s shoes out of frame, move my backpack out of frame, and finally use photoshop to clean up the waterspots.

And on that note… rules are meant to be broken… I recently stumbled upon this awesome photographer… his photos are carefully crafted distractions. Click the link below to see his books and portfolio.

Image*In this Saturday, there is a concert of Mannam Voci di Luce .
It’s for donation, for the children of “Young-dong Sebrance hospital” who are suffering from rare diseases.

-when: 28th Sat, 7:00pm~8:30p,
-where: Anam station exit 4, Korea university science library building,5th floor auditorium.

If you can go there, we can also take pictures of singing Mannamers who have beautiful hearts for children,, 🙂

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Warren in Korea

So for the last year I’ve gotten into shooting at clubs and with the difficult lighting it took me a while to get into the groove of it.

Firstly: People are important

Have you ever been to a club where the music was perfect, the drinks were flowing but the club was empty. Not much fun hey? Your photos need to focus on the people in the club. Setting the scene is cool and general pics are required but we’ll talk about that later. You will find that people are shy and don’t want their photo taken. That’s fine. Try once or twice to convince them and move on. Don’t take pics without people’s permission.




Secondly: Dress code

Make sure YOU dress the part. People will be more willing to have their photo taken by someone who looks professional. You will also get them to pose better…

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A Rain Filled Day

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Despite the rain, we had quite a few volunteers show up on Saturday. We couldn’t wrap the trees due to the rain, but we were able to move bags of dirt for covering tree roots that had been exposed by the weather.

Many people don’t know, but an overcast (cloudy) day is ideal for photography.  It gives a really nice balanced light without any harsh shadows.

Those of us that braved the elements with our cameras got creative and used plastic bags, ripped rain jackets, and tape to weatherproof our gear.

Here are a few photos…